BRANDED TEE'S 			THIS LISTING IS FOR A 15KG SACK OF BRANDED TEE'S, THESE SACKS ARE CREATED BY US DIRECT FROM THR 45KG BALES, THESE DON'T GO THROUGH ANY SORT OF GRADING PROCESS AND WE DON'T LOOK WHEN WE ARE PUTTING THE ITEMS IN WE JUST ADD ITEMS UNTIL IT GETS TO 15KG, THIS MEANS THESE SACKS ARE CHEAPER PER PIECE AS THERE IS A CHANCE OF GETTING GRADE B/C STOCK HOWEVER THE MAJORITY (AROUND 80%-90%) WILL BE GRADE A. This makes these sacks great value for money!			 			YOU WILL GET ROUGHLY 70-80 TEE'S IN A SACK HOWEVER THIS IS AN ESTIMATE IT MAY BE MORE OR LESS.			Items in this sack will usually resell for £8 - £15			 			 			Raw sacks and balesa re ungraded and unfiltered by us, this means we do NOT look at the clothes inside/ grade them meaning the grades may vary. This sack in partiuclar tends to be around 80-90%% grade A 10-20%grade b/c however there may be a higher or lower percantage of grade AThese tee’s are branded and from the USA not necessarily USA print, for just USA print tee’s check out our USA print tee listing

15kg sack branded tee's

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