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How To Buy Vintage Clothing Wholesale


So, your looking to start selling vintage clothing online or at a market stall, or maybe even you already do but are looking for more ways to source vintage clothing in bulk to expand your business. Well in this blog we will discuss the different ways you can source vintage clothing and also discuss their pro's and con's so that you can find a method that suits you!

A vintage handpick area from our wholesale warehouse!
Vintage Clothing Handpick Area



  • Wholesale Boxes Online

  • Handpicking

  • Charity Shops

  • Vintage Kilo Sales

  • Ebay / Depop/ Vinted (online)

When it comes to sourcing the clothing the options above are your main choices, all options have both pro's and con's and how you choose to get stock is entirely up to you and what's best for your business. If your looking to sell just a couple bits on the side and nothing too serious then scouting charity shops and the web for some bargains may be the best option for you as well as a decent pastime, where as if your looking to take things more seriously and scale a serious business that generates a decent income then looking at wholesale or kilo sale options is the best choice, that being said no matter the size of your business all options can be used to different extents!



Buying online boxes is by far the cheapest way to get stock for your business. As a vintage wholesale company ourselves we work on making online wholesale orders every day, these online boxes are normally sorted in to categories to different extents depending on which wholesaler you go to , for example we sort by brands, clothing styles , etc where as others may only sort by grade or season . Online wholesale boxes are a great way to get a consistent stream of stock in with minimal effort however it does require a slightly larger upfront cost with most sites having minimums of around £100. The other issues with online boxes can be that the wholesaler your buying it from may not be a well trusted wholesaler and may send you sub-standard stock so always ensure you check out the wholesaler you plan on buying from in detail before purchasing, here at Antex Vintage Wholesale we sort our stock to excellent grade and have thousands of happy customers so you don't have to be concerned about this, if you'd like to check out our boxes click here. After you do find your trusted wholesaler though who has the stock your looking for and you know doesn't 'muck' you about then this is easily one of the best ways to scale a large business as it is the least time consuming way and allows you to get the largest amount of stock in compared to other methods whilst also being the cheapest per piece(in most cases) .



Handpicks are another great option if your a slightly bigger seller or looking to increase the size of your business, essentially you can book in and go to a wholesaler the same as those who make the online boxes but instead of them picking what goes in the box, you do! This is a great option especially if your looking for more curated stock that is unique to your shop , and you cant get disappointed because you picked the stock! However the only slight downsides are that because your picking the stock it tends to be a little more expensive per piece than online boxes, they also have the largest minimum spend with most wholesalers requiring at least £300 to be spent. We also offer a vintage handpick option here at Antex Vintage Wholesale with some of the cheapest prices and widest ranges of stock in the UK, and a minimum spend of just £250! check it out here.



One way that a lot of people like to source vintage clothing is via charity shops, if you look hard enough through charity shops you can come across some incredible vintage pieces usually for a very good deal. Charity shops can be great but are very inconsistent, you could spend the whole day searching and only come out with a handful of items which isn't very helpful if you want to list lots of stock, however if you just want to sell vintage clothes as a little bit on the side then its great, or if you have spare time and enjoy 'hunting' for vintage clothes then its also great! However you mainly decide to source your vintage clothes its still always worth visiting the charity shops once in a while as you never know what you might find!



Kilo sales are a similar premise to the handpicks however are usually a one or two day pop up event hosted in big halls / areas usually in big towns and cities. they are rooms full of vintage clothing on rails but are open to the public unlike handpicks which you book an appointment and have the place to yourself. Kilo sales can get very busy and usually have hundreds of people looking so if you plan on going make sure to get there early before all the good stuff goes! If there's ever a kilo sale near you they are 100% worth going to as your almost certain to get some stuff that you can flip however they are not a reliable source that you can build your business on. Kilo sales are temporary events so you might not have one near you for months, they also usually work out more expensive than handpicks and you have to compete with hundreds of others people who are buying clothes either for themselves to wear or other vintage sellers. But if your willing to go to a vintage kilo sale when there's one near you you'll be certain to find a few good bits for your store!



The last way to find vintage clothing to sell is to search on places like ebay, vinted and depop and find others who are selling their vintage clothes too cheap which would allow you to flip it for profit, if you look hard enough every now and then someone lists an absolute gem without realising its worth , often times after a clear-out and they have no idea it has value - this is the perfect time to grab a bargain. Although this method is very inconsistent if you check often enough and with a bit of luck you'll be able to find some beauties , your best bet is usually ebay auctions or filtering to recently listed, however you chose to supply your shop checking online for bargains the pop up is a must!

Thanks for reading our list on how to supply your vintage store with shop, we hope this was helpful and wish you luck with your vintage business! If you have any other questions or are looking to get wholesale bundles from us please check out the rest of our website or contact us.

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